Marginal History

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As I may be no more than
A random reference on pages 72 and 253
— And as those would in no way different
Identify me as the cruel world now does —
Your autobiography, unwritten as yet,
I suggest, should be well thought; planned out.

Do leave aside the margins — the
Negligible ground; and move ever to the center
Your ever-beaming face: joyous in delight,
Mirthful in frown. Supplementary pictures
In glossy black and white, bound in
The newness of printed sheet, set right.

And that is how history will be written and sold:
The history, perhaps, which a kid born would read
And come tell me with conviction
Where I’m corroded old.
A history for the constipated senile
— Constipated Now Time — to stomach and hold.

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