The Day They All Came

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The day the army builds shopping malls,
Puts one on one, the bricks with the masonry,
Guards lesirue parks, paved walkways — runaways —
Talks to school leavers of military decency,
Dredges canals, lakes, rakes huts, tenaments
Of people — dregs of urban society —
Who stand in the way in wonder-ment with no place
To place the swollen woes; in the face of depravity,

March for days and days — Galle Road,
Days before their Independence Ceremony,
Days and days before May 19th — The Day,
Along roads and throngs with cocked guns, in the vicinity
As hundreds-thousand hang, life, in their drinking water drained,
Walk through bus halts galore, through the
Fort train station march — eyebrows
At passing women arch — so that it rings out hard
That the army march, serene as sub-humanly.

The day all chairs, offices, commissions,
Sports federation presidencies,
Diplomatic affairs, school heads,
Ambassador ex-IGPs — retired militancies
Usurp the places where the civil spirit had go,
— Fake Patriots from infected rhetoric pore —
On twisted limb, in pain, the law
An inner circle’s whore,
The day the armies come

Setting buffer zones, cordoning off roads
From where journalists, activists
In sped whirlwinds dissapear; alleged thugs are shot
To the ignoble rodent cheer — who don’t know the day is come –,
Drug-dealers nabbed, sniped, shot or stabbed
In the cover of the unseeing eye — and in the
Rising flames of presses, swollen eyes and cheeks,
Theirs is not to fucking reason why.

And now, Navi Pillai’s come, they say,
To put the stupid country through serious shit!




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